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Good overview

World Development Report 2012, “Gender Equality and Development”

If you haven’t guessed by now, I think this is a great general resource. It is also very, very, very long. You may wish to browse the summaries, first then dive into the richly annotated and heavily footnoted text. Good reading for a long winter’s night.


Catherine Hill: Enabling Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment: Institutions, Opportunities, and Participation 

This is a background concept paper prepared for the 56th session (2011) of the Commission on the Status of Women priority theme on rural women. Multiple discriminations and stereotypes continue to impede rural women’s development. These include the misconception that most rural women have access to land (which they do not), grow crops (many live from non-agricultural livelihoods), and are culturally homogenous (most countries have several different ethnic and religious groups living in rural areas).

Human Rights Conventions

International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) 

The Articles in this covenant set the international legal standards for decent work, social protection, rights of trade unions, as well as capabilities to attain those rights such as education. It puts economics rights where it belongs—as an integral part of a general framework that includes social and cultural rights. These are inseparable and bound to each other like strings intertwined on a rope. The human rights principle reaffirms that achieving one’s potential means you have to make sure that the whole package of rights is in place when you aim for women’s economic empowerment.


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