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Mothers and Sons

Did you ever hear the riddle about the boy whose father was a famous surgeon? The child grew up fine and strong, but when he was 15-years-old, he and his father had a car accident. By chance, they were taken to different hospitals. The boy’s critical condition required immediate surgery. When the surgeon was called, […]

Competing on a level playing field

When my daughter was 12-years-old, she came home proudly holding broken blocks of wood. She held them like prize plaques, one in each hand. “Guess what? I broke this with my foot today at tae kwon-do class.” I stared in amazement at the one-inch-thick pieces with their stone-like surfaces. She swore that it was easy […]

When Boys Will Not Be Boys

The visit to the Tunisian mobile health clinic took us out of the city past the Roman viaduct towards the mountain villages. Tunis disappeared behind a winding upward road. Sparse settlements dotted the slopes and draft animals poked along the road. I spotted a girl on a donkey heading our way to the edge of […]

A Dog’s Life

If you are a dog-lover, you will be interested to know that tourists rate Geneva as one of the world’s most “dog-friendly” cities. This is not a trivial honor. In France and Switzerland, where dogs are pampered like children, a municipality’s attitude towards them can be considered a measure of its moral fiber. For some […]