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Don’t Forget This One

United Nations: Declaration, Beijing Platform for Action

This UN Declaration, like those of other world conferences, represents the governments’ consensus on a political position, why it is necessary to take action, and broad commitments. Yes, it is the most important part of this landmark document. It is packed with semantic nuances, each signifying hundreds of hours of intense negotiations—and, most gratifying—it is short. To find this Declaration online, you have to take a look at the complete Beijing Platform for Action Document, but that is good reading in any case.

Then go on to read this

United Nations: Mission Statement and Global Framework, Beijing Platform for Action

The Mission Statement and Global Framework state the purpose, political, economic and social context of the document. That helps readers like us—over 20 years later—to decide for ourselves whether or not the policy guidelines and actions recommended are still relevant. Read these two sections for yourself. I expect you will say “Wow”.

A primer on CEDAW

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women: 30 Years working for women’s rights

Looking for a primer on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women or CEDAW? Try this easy to understand publication put together by an authoritative source—the 23 experts who make up the CEDAW committee. This committee is charged with overseeing implementation of this “women’s bill of rights” and governments pay attention when presenting their reports. If you want to see how governments are doing on implementation of women’s human rights, try to attend one of the CEDAW sessions in Geneva. See: